People pointing, fingerpainting the world, leaving me the silhouette of my life. And I'm filling in the negative space with positively everything.
~ Edie Brickell

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I write fiction for young adults and am represented by Erin Murphy of Erin Murphy Literary Agency. My debut novel, STONE FIELD, is a re-imaging of Wuthering Heights set during the Civil War. STONE FIELD is slated for publication in Winter 2016 by Roaring Brook Press-Macmillan Publishers.

Katherine Paterson Prize

Yesterday I was told that my middle grade novel excerpt was selected as a runner-up in the 2011 Katherine Paterson Prize and placed first in the Middle Grade category! The prize, named after Newbery Award-winning author Katherine Paterson, was judged this year by National Book Award winner, Kimberly Willis Holt. Holt says this about my excerpt:

The opening of the story manages to show a lot without the reader feeling overburdened. I quickly cared about the main character because of the way she interacted with her brother on page one. And because I cared about her, my heart pounded for her when she was in peril. That's important when trouble comes so early in a story. Some writers expect readers to care just because the main character is in trouble, but you have to care about them first. This writer accomplishes that.

My novel is a re-imagining of the Arabian Nights tale, "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," from the slave girl's point of view. I was excited to hear that the excerpt will also appear in Hunger Mountain's online journal of the arts!


inluvwithwords said...

Wow! Huge congrats! This is awesome news.
(I came across your blog through Erin Murphy's site and recognized your name from the Blueboards.)

Christy Lenzi said...

Thanks! It was really exciting.

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